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Thursday, 23 July 2015

You can create your own Breath

You can create your own Breath You can create your own Breath by Yoga and Meditation YOGA - Yoga is doing with different postures to develop your own body structure
Every posture having different frequencies of taking breath
In every posture you need to concentrate on how the breath is moving
Posture of the body little tightening the breath while taking the normal breath
Whenever tightening the body, automatically the breath movement is going slow and connecting mind with observation
You have listening wave of breath with concentration up to sometime either seconds or minutes
While practicing you have to increase observation of time from seconds to minutes in a single posture
Each posture it will help body either increase or a decrease of structure like reduces the fat and increases the healthy body
Every day while practicing 'Yoga' your body coming to perfect structure and help to perfect posture
Perfect posture gives relief to the mind and also breath is moving with right frequency
The right frequency of breath with right duration of posture gives relief and it will helps to health
Whenever health is improving by 'Yoga' you breath is having its own kind of frequency with resistance of the body
The resistance of the body having your own breath and it will gives you piece of mind
The resistance of the body is suitable for all seasons to keep healthy
Whenever, you sustain the health with Yoga, you have your own breath in your body with exact frequencies

This is by Yoga - you have to create your own breath...!


Meditation is doing either a posture of sitting as usual normal otherwise Lotus posture
While sitting a posture you have to observe in your body, how the breath you have to take and release
Observation is going with concentration on breath, how to inhale and how to release (exhale)
While concentrating breath so many thoughts are coming in to your mind
So alternatively change the thought and mean while reducing the thoughts
While practicing daily, the thoughts are reducing day by day
Whenever you reducing the thoughts you concentration is only observing on breath frequency
Your concentration and observation only on breath, you are getting restless mind
In your mind there is no thought’s (it means you don't know what thoughts are coming into in your mind), the breath is moving with absolute frequencies of inhale and exhale
Absolute frequency of breath reaching some natural power, it means your body gets curing from pain and normal diseases
Natural power is a resistance of the body to get something relaxation and avoid pain and unnecessary thoughts
You mind gets piece and body gets relaxation then your breath able to control health and increases the resistance of your body parts
Whenever you control your health by Meditation, you have your own breath with resistance

This is by Meditation - you have to create your own breath...!

Daily you have to spend time for doing Yoga or Meditation you have to create your own breath
Yoga and Meditations are helping to health and increase your life span

Note: You have to spend daily 30 minutes to one hour then it shows progress otherwise no result.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Think for environmental change of the world

Think for environmental change of the world with experience of future needs -



Thinking is endless journey still no one can get the final thought -
Every mind questioning to search something always on entire the life -
Life spends with search the thoughts to continuous thinking -
Which thought gives feel of endness to stop thinking -


Thought never makes mistake but sometimes behavior/attitude of the mind makes wrong -
Thoughts are different to get any way but mind analyze and understands the type of thought then it should know the quality of action -
Before applying a thought you should decide do or don’t, otherwise you don't know the quality of work -
The adjective of thought depends on the process of result –
Before going to work understand the intent of thought –
For applying any thought you should know that where it is applicable for best solutions/results with lot of experience –
You can consider a good thought whenever you have confidence and concentration of thinking analysis -
When you are working with the new project you should know the knowledge and experience through regular communication -

Lets say welcome to the heart

Lets say welcome to the heart -
Its always beating entire the life -
If its stop beating, our life and love will also stop -
Heartbeat creates our lives in the world -
Share the life with a beautiful heart -
We can live lifelong if we have lovable heart -
Try to live healthy for a beating heart -
Life is always beating with the heart and sacrificing the beats for the life -  
Its sharing all the feels with beating itself -
Most of the time enjoy with your heart to convince happiness - 
happiness never comes without healthy heart -


Philosophy is a great discussion to get the knowledge and taking right decision if any problems occur.
To take decisions for new problems you should cross the experience limits which we learn from the philosophy of life.
Discussion of philosophy is utilization of time to share the great thoughts from intelligent people.
Philosophy is a way of thinking to an ultimate level to cross limit and get the superior knowledge to innovate the ideas.
Everyone's philosophy is right sometimes, it can't be changed because everyone wants to achieve the great success individually in different ways.
Decision depends on the time of choosing the work and not only based on the experience of philosophy.
Philosophy is always innovative for getting new thoughts/ideas of experience in the future.
Without discussion no one knows the innovative thoughts of others and their great achievements achieved in short periods.
Philosophy gives more experience to learn from the history.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Government - Change the world as Dustless

I have Plan for creating Dustless World -
Entire world "Clean and Green" place -
Neat roads, streets, colleges, hospitals, gardens, grounds, electricy, water supply and drianages etc., -
No where garbage, dirt, mud, damages and pollution -
Who are all having money they are not getting my thoughts which is mentioned in "Uuniversal procedure"
Who are all not having money they get the Great thoughts -
Every problem which I am thinking have a lot of ways for final solution -
I think every problem is universal issue to find the final solution -
To provide drinking water fecilities for the entire world -
To provide the electricity for the entire world -
To setup a clean drainage system everywhere -
To setup Wide roads in the entire world -
These facilities are not only for government buildings and rich people, it should be to the entire world make it as same -
Knowledge is not a policy, construction of final solution is real achievement -
Real estate makes congested roads and improper constructions (commercial) -
Example for Dustless World : Infosys Campus